Oct 07 2020 - Nov 11 2020


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

What Is It You Seek? What Do You Wish Me To Do For You?

A Spirituality Of Desire
In the not so distant past, speaking of desires in spiritual life was considered suspect. Desires were considered dangerous, and, following a false interpretation of a spiritual principle proposed by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, “agere contra”, we were told that we had to act exactly contrary to our desires.
During the six encounters for this seminar, which will have as a basic text book, “Befriending Our Desires” by Philip Sheldrake, we shall be asking whether we can truly speak of a spirituality of desire, starting first, naturally with examining what the Bible has to say about the subject. Then we shall see the Fathers of the Church, and naturally modern and contemporary authors of spiritual theology. Being a seminar, participants, in turn, will be expected to give a short presentation on the subject.

Fr Oliver Borg Olivier sj