Apr 06 - 14 2021


6:00 pm - 6:00 pm

8 day retreat: Mary, Model of Our Spiritual Life

When we speak of life, we are speaking of a process, of growth and of a journey. The Letter to the Hebrews and the 1st Letter of Peter (Heb 11: 13-16; 1Pt 2: 11) tell us that our life on earth is like a pilgrimage; this means that our sanctification is a process of growth, not something fixed and static.
Saint John-Paul II wrote in Redemptoris Mater : “In these reflections, however, I wish to consider primarily that “pilgrimage of faith” in which “the Blessed Virgin advanced,” faithfully preserving her union with Christ… Nor is it just a question of the Virgin Mother’s life-story, of her personal journey of faith,… it is also a question of the history of the whole people of God, of all those who take part in the same “pilgrimage of faith”. (RM 5, 2)
During this retreat we would like to contemplate Mary’s spiritual pilgrimage of faith so as to better understand our own “pilgrimage,” and we shall do it following the structure of the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius.
Led by Fr Oliver Borg Olivier sj